Join the experts and build your career as a Business Rescue Practitioner in an ethical, efficient and effective manner.

Sagacity Corporate Services, together with G&A Compass, provides prospective Business Rescue Practitioners with the best possible chance in South Africa to become and stay successful in this very challenging field of specialisation.

Please apply to become a Business Rescue Practitioner with Sagacity Corporate Services by completing the form below.

Benefits of Association

  • Access to top industry experts.
  • Access to comprehensive case law library.
  • Access to support team to write business plan and do administrative tasks.
  • Access to project management function, with preconfigured task lists, built with Chapter 6 compliance in mind.
  • Access to business development function, to ensure steady flow of work.

The application process

  • 1. Complete the form, providing the requested documentation.
  • 2. Internal evaluation of application.
  • 3. Interview of applicant.
  • 4. Signing of agreement.
  • 5. Payment of joining fee.
  • 6. Attend training course.
  • 7. Start practicing as a BRP, under the guidance of a Senior BRP.