Partnering for Success

Sagacity Corporate Services is an association of individual Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Associate General Accountants (AGAs), who are licensed and work as Business Rescue Practitioners (BRPs).

The BRPs are supported by a dedicated back-office team, providing administrative, accounting, corporate governance, tax, process engineering, project management, legal and advisory services. The practitioners also have exclusive access to one of the most comprehensive case law libraries in South Africa, pertaining to business rescue cases.

All Sagacity members are required to abide by the standards of service, codes of professional conduct and codes of ethics of SAICA and Sagacity.

Coming on board as a BRP

Sagacity has a structured admission process for CA’s and AGA’s that are considering venturing into the field of business rescue.

Firstly, an interview will be conducted to determine your experience and ability and capacity for conducting business rescue operations. You will then undergo training with the professional G&A Compass Associate responsible for this function. You will then be assessed as to the capability that is demonstrated and, if you are not already registered you will be assisted to apply with CIPC as a BRP.

The management committee of Sagacity will review the process and if you are successful you will sign an Associate agreement – a copy of which will be made available at the start of the process. You will then be able to use the branded Sagacity logo and have access to all the professional support team and technology and knowledge-base and you will then progress with receiving leads and assignments as they present themselves.

Annually you will need to undertake at least 12 hours verifiable CPD and 8 hours non-verifiable CPD to remain a registered Business Rescue Practitioner and the professional associate responsible will conduct the appropriate CPD and issue certificates of attendance. Seminars and marketing functions may be held, and your willingness to attendance would be beneficial in developing the brand and awareness and supplying leads for securing business rescue work.


Sagacity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd is built on a foundation of uncompromising ethics and compliance with the law.

The mission is supported by two pillars.


The capstone mission is to guide distressed businesses through the mine field of business rescue, to achieve the best possible outcome for all affected parties. 


John Henning

Director: Sagacity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd

John Henning (CA(SA), Grad CIS) is a senior audit partner with more than 30 years experience. Apart from his qualification as a Chartered Accountant, he also completed post graduate courses in Deceased and Insolvent Estates, Negotiations and Due Diligence and Business Rescue. John has been a registered Senior Business Rescue Practitioner since 2011. He is also a Registered Auditor and Tax Practitioner.

Through his long career, John has built up extensive knowledge in numerous areas of business practice, notably: Acquisitions, disposals, mergers, valuations, negotiations with buyers and sellers of companies, corporate commercial law, due diligences, forensic audits, company administration procedures, and company secretarial work. He also has extensive knowledge of and experience with labour legislation, corporate governance as well as mediation and arbitration proceedings.

If your business’ rescue is in John’s hands, you can be assured that the business is in the hands of a man for whom integrity is very important; a dedicated, knowledgeable professional, well versed in every relevant aspect of the process.

Barry du Toit

Director: Sagacity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd

Barry du Toit (B.Compt Hons, CA(SA)) has been practicing as a business rescue practitioner since 2017.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1984, Barry founded a number of successful businesses in the manufacturing sector. Through various acquisitions and mergers, he became Financial Director of the largest Plastics Extrusion company in Africa. He continued expanding his business interests until 2012, when he retired from the corporate sector.

Barry then pursued a career in financial services consulting, with a particular focus on the Theory of Constraints. Theory of Constraints (ToC) is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints. Barry has successfully used this methodology to improve processes that led to desired outcomes for stakeholders. He is very passionate about this subject.

Barry is highly skilled in all aspects of corporate finance, and his keen eye for detail ensures that business rescue matters are handled with care and diligence.